Welches Jelly Flintstone Glasses

It’s a crazy little collection. One of the silly memories from childhood. Never really thought about it, but everyone seemed to have a few of these kicking around. Then, through attrition they were no longer in the cupboard.


Now they pop up pretty frequently at antique stores. The price range can be silly. We tend to buy at $5 to $7. We once saw someone asking $100, you know, because it was RARE. Not really all that rare.

There were a total of 14 glasses issued. The first six appeared in 1962. Then two new glasses in 1963. In 1964 there were another six. Each glass came eight different colors (Red, Yellow, Orange, Aqua, Pink, Green, Blue, and White). Every glass had a character embossed on the bottom 0Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty, Dino, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm). So if you thinking of collecting the set, it works out to be 784 variation. Don’t know if anyone has ever attempted to complete the set.

Here is our collection of Welches Jelly Glasses:

Fred and his Pals At Work

  • Orange/Fred
  • Green/Barney
  • White/Betty

Fred’s Newest Invention

  • Pink/Fred

Fred And Barney Bowl Duck Pins

  • Aqua/Pebbles

Fred in his Sports Car

  • White/Wilma
  • Pink/Betty
  • White/Betty

Having a Ball

  • Yellow/Pebbles

Barney Play Golf

  • Green/Barney



Fred Builds a Doll Cave

  • Blue/Betty

Pebbles Baby Sitters

  • Red/Dino
  • Pink/Barney(Faded)




Pebbles Birthday Party

  • Yellow/Wilma

Bedrock Pet Show

  • Pink/(Barney)

Fred and Barney Play Baseball

  • Green(Betty)

Fred Goes Hunting

  • Orange(Wilma)

Pebbles Lands a Fish

  • White/Pebbles

Pebbles at the Beach

  • Aqua/Fred x2
  • Aqua/Wilma


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