Review: Wolverine Film Scanner

I was pretty excited when I first saw this product – Wolverine Film Scanner. Like so many people, I have a shoe box of old 8mm home movies that I’d like to digitize. There are services that charge by the foot. Add that up and you could be looking at a good chunk of change.


But the reviews didn’t always measure up. I didn’t care about scanning other formats like 35mm slides and negs, or 110 film. 8mm is what I’ve been looking for. Well the comment usually was that the little scanner need an auto advance feature. You currently have to hand advance and align the film. Very time consuming and not very accurate. So if anyone ever decides to make a 8mm film recorder with an auto advance and with a faster processor that would be a great product.

So how do I feel about the Wolverine Super F2D? I wouldn’t buy it. A friend gave it to me, so the price was right. Can I use it, yes. It isn’t without some merits. If you have time to burn you can actually capture a few frames and make a fun clip to share with friends/family online. Probably the best use for me is to document frames from all the scenes on a reel. This way you know what is what on all those reels.

Here is a short clip I did by scanning every 3-frames. I added the TV to cover the film holes.



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