New Bicycle for the Letterpress Studio

Things are shaping up in the ol’ Letterpress studio (Garage). Been spending more time getting ready to try to put more ink on the press this year. I have a lot of exciting ideas for cards and poster’s. Other things are shaping up as well. I decided to get back in shape. Biking has always been one of my favorite activities. But I just don’t feel like riding my mountain bike, and my road bike is a little to light for my current stature. So I’ve been looking at cruiser bikes. There are some really pretty bikes on the market. Felt Bicycles has the  “Red Wolfe Cruiser” produced in conjunction with Mike Wolfe of the hit TV show American Pickers. It’s a nice example of the types of cruiser bikes I feel fit my life and style. I fell in love with another Felt bike the 1909 1-SP. Wow, it really had the look ans feel of an early Harley. Nevertheless, neither bike had every design element that I was looking for. I really wanted something reminiscent of an old Schwinn Cycle Truck. It’s been some time since you could get one of these from your local bike shop.


So I stated looking for what would be my best alternative. I’ve been a fan of Electra Bicycle Company ever since we bought a Towne for my wife. So wen I saw their Cruise Delivery I felt it was the perfect bike for “the shop.” The best part is the bikes wood tank plate that is perfect for advertising. Here is the current design for the new shop bicycle. Coming Soon.


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