Piece by Piece

On our whirlwind vacation roadtrip through the South we stopped in old Mobile, Alabama. There was a cute little antique store, Joachim Street Antique Mall. As always I have a few items I always look for. Always looking for letterpress printer’s blocks.


A long ways from home, but it was fun to find a box of miscellaneous printer’s blocks. The hard thing is that most of these are useless. Most are for businesses and other things that don’t lend themselves to being repurposed.

AntiqueStoreMobileInitially all I found was a opened diamond shape 4.5″ x 2.5″. Then at the counter there where a few more choices and I saw a really cool US Airmail block.

BlocksfordesignSo, Piece-by-piece we’re building our letterpress studio. I wish it was easier than this. I guess if you had unlimited funds it would be easier. But what fun would that be. You wouldn’t venture into an old section of Mobile, Alabama.


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