Caitlin, Welcome to the World of Design

Close up image of poster

If you’ve ever watched Project Runway you recognize that fashion design has a lot in common with graphic design. It’s a form of visual communication. There are so many similarities; texture, color… and the list goes on.

Our niece recently graduated from FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. We’re all proud of Caitlin for pursuing her dream. I remember when I graduated school and was ready to pursue my passion. So, to commemorate Caitlin’s accomplishment I wanted to design and print for her a custom letterpress poster.

Showcard Press

Our little Showcard Press, it’s perfect for proofing designs and printing posters.

Our Showcard Press is perfect for short run one-of-a-kind prints. I wanted to create a something that had the feel of a of over lapping forms and color.

FIDM 2014

Congratulations Caitlin!

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