Wonderful Designs of the Old Travel Posters

Just returned from a vacation “road trip” to Southern Utah. Over 2500 miles traveled. We went to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Kodachrome, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Arches, Monument Valley and touched the northern tip of the Grand Canyon. So many highlights and hard to say I had a favorite, they all are so unique.

Although, I did found a few  favorite items at the gift shops – Vintage Poster Reprints. I’ve always had a keen interest in vintage travel posters. Always love the posters of that era. Any one of the Santa Fe Travel series is something I long to own. Example:


Picked up a couple posters along our journey. These are re-pops of old WPA era posters. Most are giclees, fine art digital prints made on quality inkjet printers on archival papers. The giclees are produced by a company called Impact and are the Repro Ranger Series.




Two other posters I added to the collection are lithographs. The first is of 14 x 22 poster of Capitol Reef, “Capitol Gorge Scenic Drive”, by Scenic Hwys. The second litho is a12 x 18 Grand Canyon National Park – Elk & South Rim.


All posters are top quality, but the poster of Bryce Canyon is the most authentically produced. Why?  It is a 13 ½” X 19” serigraph print, contemporary design, by Ranger Doug Enterprise. That’s how it was done back in the day, circa 1940’s.


Poster Design of My Own

I always start to think, what I would do if I had the opportunity to design a retro style poster. So I looked through my travel photos (on this trip there are over 2000, that is almost one per mile) and I was inspired by the images I took outside of the Twin Rocks Trading Post. A wonderful shop of authentic Native American art. We purchased a beautiful Navajo basket. Their prices where fair and the service was excellent. If you are traveling through that region you should make it a point to visit this trading Post.

Rather than hand drawing and prepare the art for silk screening, I worked in Photoshop. No fancy one button filter, I used a combination of high, medium and low exposures using the Adjustments/Threshold. Then colorized the layers using five different colors.


Note: I found a great resource online for free vintage poster downloads. There is a great vintage Grand Canyon Poster free download.



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