Printing My Business Card

I can’t tell you enough how satisfying it is to print your own business card. These days many people might think nothing of my statement. They print their own cards all the time. But I’m not talking inkjet print. I’m talking ink on press – Letterpress.

A little less than a year ago I jumped into letterpress as an hobby. I took a class last year and learned a thing or two. Yes, you can teach an old dog something new. You can even teach him something old.

Why am I so please with my self? I’ve designed plenty of logo’s, had plenty of my designs run through printing presses for over 25 years. Nevertheless, I have never before output my own film, exposed/processed my own plates, cut my own paper, and printed a business card on my own press. Lets not forget, clean and oil the press. Yes, there is even something fun about cleaning up all that ink.

Not sure I’d say I’m a master pressman yet. I still have a lot to learn. But, I guess my next project is to go work on an old website idea for Time Presses On, so I can showcase my new work.

  1. Very Very Cool. You are having so much fun! They are beautiful cards… good choice of color, paper, clock, artistry and empressions… very cool.

  2. Ken,

    Great looking card! I especially like the photos that show the “steps” I bet you are having a lot of fun and that in a very short time you will be most certainly a master press operator!

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