Letterpress Update

Been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to run our press. Not for lack of desire. It just seems to take a while to build up to having everything to keep production in house. But we’re getting there. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was as easy as buying all the supplies at your local store. Guess if you had the money you could, but I like many, don’t have that luxury.

The biggest purchase recently should help move towards being able to produce plates when I want. There are great resources to get your polymer plates, but nothing better than DIY. Today was my first attempt. The Film output was flawless. The “All Black Epson 1400 and Accurip” worked without a hitch. The unknown would be exposure. I have a small exposure unit and I’ll need to dial-in the timing. I started at 5-min exposure. But it seems that the small text washed out. Well,next attempt will be 10-min.

I don’t know much about this unit, might take some testing to get the right numbers.

Enough with the prepress for today. But I’m still in press-mode so I wanted to put some ink on the rollers. Maybe it was time to revisit the Alphabet Project from last quarter’s Letterpress class at Foothill Community College. I never had a chance to use the letters I designed for the broadside for coasters. Now was as good a time as any.


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