Timeless Art. Cover Design by Herbert Matter

I like to study the history of graphic design. Over the past 25 years I haven’t studied design as faithfully as I would have liked. Recently, I found my old college text book on the History of graphic design by Philip Meggs. To show you how old I am the book is a 1st edition(circa 1983). Think the book is currently in it’s 4th edition. Looking back at all my yellow highlighting I use to like the Russian Constructivist. or maybe I had to write a report. Today, I tend to gravitate to the works of the Modern movement in the U.S. It seems to be the melting pot of design at it’s best.

I came across a 1943 Fortune magazine cover, designed by Herbert Matter . The image was intriguing. It was an abstract view of ball bearings. A black and white photograph with primary shaped colors overlaid. Amazing. When you think of the vision that it took to put this together. This was the days of oldschool prepress. No computer aided design back in 1943. Well, I had to purchase a copy of the old magazine cover and it is now framed and hanging in my office. It’s a work of art. Herbert Matter is a rock star of design. See for your self. Google “Herbert Matter”. There is even a movie on Herbert Matter scheduled to release in 2009. I look forward to seeing that.

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