Remembering Your Old Album Covers

Always searching the internet for something fresh and inspiring. Eyemagazine’s blog happened to catch my attention on this rainy Monday morning. In their 2009 archives I found a blog post about LP album cover art. Yes, I have come to find out that vinyle still lives. Although in somewhat obscurity. With this knowledge I realize that with every album comes a cover. I always thaught it would be cool to have an opportunity to design art for an album cover. But around the time I entered the design profession albums srunk to the CD format and cover art never seemed to have the same impact. There is something to be said about that. Today I buy music online. But I never really feel as strong of a connections as what I had in the good ol’ days. Kicking back in a Bean-bag chair, grooving to some tunes and getting lost gazing at the cover art and reading the liner notes. It goes deaper than that. From a branding standpoint we loose even more of a connection. I have a hard time visualizing what is in my MP3 collection. It’s hard to be left with a lasting impression from a thumbnail image. Back in the day you could never forget a YES album with it’s fantisy landscapes by Roger Dean artwork. Or even the lack of any art, The Beatle’s White album, was great marketing.

So if you get a chance venture over to Best Art Vinyl 2009 is an award

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