Is the Magazine being redefined?

For years now magazines have been looking to redefine their model. Print has ruled as king of content delivered to a target market. But we all know that the internet has reduced prints dominance and even threatened its existence.

For years now magazines have been going online with the same content as their print editions, and this move hasn’t always been successful. To further complicate the transition, print ads don’t always translate well when going from print to online. We’ve seen magazine ads and content go from print to digital via PDFs. The use of PDFs has been evolving to where we now see online viewers that flip pages, have live out-bound links and maybe even an embedded video. Still, this has never captured the full power of digital/online.

Yes, now with the emergence of e-readers with touch screen technology, digital content can move to the next level. Let’s not get caught up in the idea that dynamic digital content and advertising should be all about hitting the viewer with a lot of slick new tricks. I’ve seen every new evolution in the digital world have its introduction be peppered with too much visual stimuli.

Above and beyond the wow factor the latest evolution will inherently bring to the industry, an ad still has to communicate a message, and reflect your brand. But it may not be just about communicating content as it has been in print. Content is still important, and you’ll need to find balance between content and interactivity. Added to the mix is a need to go beyond entertaining and informing your viewer. This is where you’ll find the true power of the internet. It is about building or being a part of a community. You want the viewer to click, share, like, tweet… You want them to get involved, spread the word. You want to tap into the power of social media.

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