Back to Design School

What a great day I experienced this past weekend. Call it all part of “the Chico Experience.” It had been years since I stepped foot on the campus of California State University, Chico. I was there for a celebration of 40 years of Graphic Design. Many alumni showed up to join in the celebration. There where a few people I recognized right off the bat. There were other’s that I couldn’t place the face even after I read their name badge. But this was not a reunion of the Graphic Design class of 1984. It was a look back at 40 years of successfully launching many careers into the crazy world of Visual Communication. The day wouldn’t have been complete with out a lecture from the one-and-only Gregg Berryman (Notes on Graphic Design and Visual Communication). I don’t think it surprises anyone that Professor Berryman is still teaching. His passion for design has always been infectious. It is part of his his legacy. I was very happy to see Professor George Turnbull. The wisdom and experience George shared in class has been very influential in my career and person growth.

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